August 28, 2009

Appearing Tonight: Social Media


Tickets sold out weeks ago. The anticipation has been building to a feverish pitch. People are talking about it on the radio, on the Internet, on television, the newspaper did a pullout section and it’s on all the talk shows.

The Claims Are True

It helps your business grow and is the answer to all of your dreams. Some can get you instant meaningful relationships with other people in a matter of days. Nothing like this has hit the human race since the invention of individually wrapped cheese slices.

Also on the bill are; Twitter, Facebook, BackType, Bebo, Flickr, MySpace, Plaxo, Blip, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Digg and about 40 others. Scalpers are expected to fetch five times face value. Some are saying that blog and podcast may also make an appearance but unconfirmed reports say that webinar and chat room weren't able to make the trip.

Tonight's The Night

The parking lot is jammed; the line-up is around to the back of the venue, the throng shuffles quickly to their seats. The lights dim, the curtain rises, the excitement is palpable and then thousands stare at an empty stage. The sound of rustling popcorn bags, coughs and throat clearing echo throughout the venue.

Unrest begins to brew. Mumbles of refunds and claims of a rip off begin to circulate. How could they charge such an outrageous price for such a letdown?

After what seemed to be an entire full minute, the angry mob begins to walk out. Threats of lawsuits can be heard far and wide.

Clearly social media had not lived up to the hype like all the other liposuction, one-way conversation, get-rich-quick, what’s in it for me, have it now pay it never promises.

Social Media: Meet Human Networking

If all the world's a stage, perhaps we shouldn't wait for others to begin the performance? If social media is scary to you or your impatience as gotten the best of you after a handful of tweets, keep in mind how long it took to gain the trust of others and others to earn yours in real life.

Are you waiting?
Are you looking for the refund?
Are you participating?

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