August 20, 2009

A Day Without Email

In The Key Of E

My dear sweet three year old laptop lost it's E. It stopped working. That didn't stop me from taking an hour to clean and vaccuum and retry the key a hundred times. I found out on Tuesday how often we use the letter "E" in the English language.

Technology Old Age

I realize that three years constitutes a good run for laptops and she doesn't have the processing power or enough RAM or a large enough hard drive anymore but she has been with me through thin and thick. She is now sitting patiently on the couch in my office waiting for me to take her to the shop for a new keyboard and adaptor.

Paint me foolish but this is not from a place of cheap, it is my reluctance to add to the world's landfills and unless it's hopeless why not try and save her over an E?

Call A Guy

The week was not without some fun times. When you work for a large company, you have a guy you can call to fix this stuff. The IT department, an engineer, somebody to sort it out. That is not a luxury when you work for yourself. But always remember that you do have a network to call, those friends who can help and colleagues who possess experience and traits you don't to - say - get your email working again after almost two days.

Laptop number two has had to strap on the big pants. So far, so good except for my [expletives removed] experience with Vista.

Thanks to some awesome friends and colleagues, the ledge was short-lived and the sun will come up again. A special shout-out to brother Malcolm.

You should try a day or two without email,
it might do you some good.

Let’s create experiences, not campaigns.

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