September 12, 2009

Are You Multi-Medium?

Did You Get My Email?

I was emailing someone the other day and realized it was the first time we had corresponded that way in months. There had been land line calls, cell calls, texts, Twitter DMs, Skype and probably even notes via Facebook. Sometimes all in one day. But we hadn’t sent an email to each other in ages.

Have you experienced the multi-medium conversation? You may not even stop to think about how you are communicating because the message is more important than the gadget.

Where is this all going?

At best guess, the Universe is about 14 billion years old and humans have been on earth for about 200,000 years. So the latest iPhone app may not be a big deal in 100 years, or even 100 days. Sorry!

Millennial Influences

In 1999, A&E produced an outstanding series featuring the one hundred more influential people of last millenium.

The list included the famous and infamous, the evil and angelic, inventors and politicians, sculptors and philosophers. It spanned from Martin Luther King Jr. to Nicolas Copernicus and Michelangelo Buonarroti to Bill Gates.

Human Networking

From caves to 3G networks, what remains most important is our ability to communicate. My wonder about email seems rather silly now.

And if you didn’t see the A&E series, any guesses on the most influential person of the last millenium?

It was Johannes Gutenberg who introduced the printing press to the world around 1450. His invention revolutionized communication and helped increase literacy.

What is your favored medium of communication?

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