September 16, 2009

Let's Talk. For Real!

Passion Rules

I love talking with business owners – especially ones who own small to medium sized companies. They are tirelessly passionate for what they do and they really do want to make a difference. So if you own your own company. let's chat some time.

Do What You Want

If you live in a part of the world where it is even possible to venture out on your own, hang your proverbial shingle and build something from scratch, count yourself lucky. It is terrifying and exciting all in one.

As we dig ourselves out of this world economic crisis it is my belief that the right brain economy will emerge – where creative ideas will seize the day – and small to medium sized businesses will find success by working together.

A Bag of Rice and A Goat

There was a time when two people who wanted to do business would find something they could trade. I may have the skills to fix the roof of your house and you may have a vegetables to give me for my dinner table.

Even in the world of social networking and digital marketing, portable everything and instant anything, we still need home repairs and food on the table. The future of commerce lies in our ability to find companies and individuals who we can work with to share and merge and compliment skill sets.

Death, Taxes and Finding Customers

There may are only three certainties in life. Have a look around at your network – all of it. There are people who can help you, there are people who need your help.

So send me an email and let's chat.
Let me know how I can help you.

Let's create experiences, not campaigns

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