January 14, 2010

Do You Know Why?

We have the collective patience of a three year old.

We humans have been socializing through various mediums since we arrived on this thing called Earth.

The last two to three years have been a coming of age for social media.

If we divide 36 months by 200,000 years, we may want to collectively get over ourselves.

Many have grown tired of the discussion about this trick and that tool, this toy and that portal.

There will always be shiny things, there will always be people trying to sell us their expertise on said shiny things. We need to know why we need them.

New and Improved! Limited Time Offer! Hurry and Save!

It can be daunting when you hear about experts who can help you in a couple of days with all this new cool stuff.

This is not to suggest there isn't great help available, there is a ton, but everything you do to help and build your business must be predicated on if it dovetails in to your strategic objectives.

• Building a business is a box won't work.
• Putting layers of lipstick on the proverbial pig is doomed to fail.
• Adding activities without knowing why is dangerous.

Sleep Well My Pretty

This is what I call sleep at night metrics. You cover your butt, you have a lot of collateral out in the world to promote your offering and wonder why it fails to resonate.

ROI and Patience make strange bedfellows.

Whether you are hiring someone, looking at new office space, deciding on a new logo design, refining a line of products or any other aspect of your business, one simple question you should always ask yourself...


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