February 22, 2010

Misguided Talent

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The weekend began when I was updating my anti-virus software. Clearly because I wasn't paying attention my system was unprotected for about two minutes.

And like the sharks that circle Seal Island, there was an attack.

Pay Attention

Vista Internet Security popped up asking for me to scan my system. This is not a Microsoft application, this is a virus. This is where my Apple friends begin to point and laugh. Go ahead, it’s well deserved.

After some excellent help from contacts on Twitter and a good buddy who is a computer whiz, I quickly found out that the attack was malware.

If you pull the same stunt as me and get something called Vista Internet Security, do a complete system sweep with your current anti-virus software and get rid of it right away. The creators just want your credit card number.

I applaud the talent it takes to create this but often wonder if the same aptitude was put toward something legit would we all be better off?

Computers Don't Hurt People

The weekend also included conversations with several colleagues who in each case are going through some weird stuff at work.

Each was similar because there was another person who was going out of their way to create a difficult situation when that same amount of effort toward positive behavior would vastly improve the circumstance.

Some enjoy writing computer viruses, others enjoy creating human ones. Our choice is ensuring we don’t download either.

Here's to a great week!

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