April 27, 2010

The Language of Business

In This Day and Age

Every industry and generation makes its mark on the language of the day.

Each claims that uniqueness was founded upon the dawn of its existence.

If you are in sales, you may have a better way to close business like no other in history.

Buzz and Fix

Some in marketing think embracing social media is the golden bullet and the 'old ways' are no longer effective. They may also fail remind you that your sustained contribution is essential as it is not about a particular website.

If you run a business you are always looking for new customers or clients. As a business owner, it’s a part of my life every day. This process used to be called prospecting but today it is often referred to by many as lead generation.

Bootstrap or VC?

You may have an idea but need time to let it roll around in your head. This process was once called brainstorming but now referred to as incubating.

For decades, people who worked in the same company or on the same project were known as co-workers or team members but that has been replaced by the catch-all term – stakeholders.

Choose Your Medium

If you produce material that will be used to help with your marketing campaign, that is no longer simply a bunch of pamphlets or flyers, billboards or television commercials, micro sites or mobile applications – that can now fall under the handy phrase – marketing collateral.

Business owners or managers often get defensive if their business plan is questioned. The issue can be that it is not shared with those expected to execute it. A more fluid word that suggests dialogue and flexibility is one of my favorites – strategy.

Keep In Mind

So your co-workers (stakeholders) may be working on material (marketing collateral) for your new business (start-up) but need to time to brainstorm (incubate) on how to find new customers (lead generation).

The important element to remember is that your activity (tactics) must be in line with your plan (strategy) in order to realize profits (bottom line).

What is the language of your business?

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