October 14, 2010


It is a virtue, rarely a business plan.

Have patience for that guy in accounting who doesn’t get Twitter. Have patience with the prospect that needs more explanation. Have patience with yourself if you need extra time to figure it out.

Have patience with those who act like they have all the answers. Have patience with the rest of the team catching up to your cool new idea. Have patience before you send that email.

Have patience with the members of the team who aren’t pulling their weight once you remind them tactfully. Have patience as you navigate new avenues of communication. Have patience with your business partners who want to play it safe.

Have patience when you want to get there faster. Have patience with others who don’t get the concept. Have patience and read the instructions.

Have patience with the guy who keeps posting stuff on your Facebook wall. Have patience with the dinosaur in sales who thinks all this online stuff is a waste of time. Have patience with someone like me who finds patience the toughest part of the gig.

Have patience?


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