January 31, 2012

What Inspires You?

We all find our places to get inspiration. It can come from books, quotes, colleagues, family or friends. We may see something in passing, overhear a conversation or connect with something online. Inspiration may not at first look like much but percolate and re-emerge later.

I started doing something on Twitter late last year and continued it into 2012. It was a simple tweet to begin each day with something inspirational and at times funny or silly. This began as a personal kick in the butt. Some days need a bigger kick than others.

List from January 2012 

1. First day of the rest of your year
2. What now?
3. Be kind to each other today
4. Let's get to it!
5. Connect with 5 new people and 5 people you haven't seen or talked with in a while
6. Be true to you
7. Never underestimate the power of helping someone
8. Cherish friendship and the lives that touch you
9. We must discard what is slowing us down and focus on what will help us grow
10. Don't let busy be your excuse
11. Be who you are, say what you feel. Those who mind don't matter,
      those who matter don't mind. (Dr. Seuss quote)
12. Imagine. Create. Share.
13. What will you do today that will make a positive change in your life?
14. Surround yourself with people who strengthen you then reciprocate
15. Think of five people who can help you.      
16. What are you doing today that will affect tomorrow?
17. Winter is not our friend (It was a particularly cold winter day)
18. Invest in activities that will strengthen you
19. Reach out to three people you want to help today
20. Let's say yes or no and not get stuck on maybe
21. Make time for you time
22. Are you ready for some football? (NFL playoff reference)
23. Welcome to the Year of the Dragon
24. Make time for think time
25. Trust yourself. You've earned it
26. Who will you inspire today?
27. Help and ask for help
28. You have the answer
29. Don't be so hard on yourself
30. Others' perception is just their perception
31. Don't wait, pick up the phone

Let’s keep inspiring each other 

Kneale Mann

image credit: vanseodesign
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