August 16, 2014

Stream of Subconsciousness

What will they think? Think then do. Do what you love. Love what you do. Do not listen to negative people. People are more important than services or products. Products don't make the person. Personal growth is a daily event. Eventually you will find your passion. Passion is no ordinary word.

Words can heal and hurt, it's our choice. Choices can be the difference. Differences are necessary for a successful team. Teamwork is at the core of successful business. Business is about people. People should give more than receive. Receiving help is a sign of strength. Strengthen your focus. Focus on who's important in your life. Life is about now. Now is the time for us to move.

Moving will make us grow.
Kneale Mann | Leadership and management consultant helping leaders, teams, and companies get clear on their goals and results.

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