January 26, 2015

Snow Day Revisited

As the US East Coast gets slammed with another “storm of the century” we can reflect on two things – leadership and technology. I have a friend whose boss demands she is at her desk every weekday no later than 8:30am and cannot leave the office any earlier than 4:45pm. That may be helpful if you’re working on an assembly line but frankly I think it’s short-sighted.

We are connected through email and mobile devices, webinars and virtual teaming technology, and if you look at the forward-thinking companies in the world, people aren't measured by the number of hours they spend warming their office chair.

No School Today!

Of course the words “snow day” were joyous when we were kids. It meant that school was closed and we all get a free pass to go play in the same snow that canceled classes. Now we see a big storm crush the city and the commute to that seat to keep it warm is longer, dangerous, and frustrating.

If you are experiencing this latest storm, stop and think of how your work is being done differently this week. Less people may be able to make it into the office, many will have to work from home, email and phones will be utilized more, and fewer will be as concerned about punching some imaginary clock to put in their hours.

Now remember this in six months when the sun is baking us and these same options are available. Productivity is not about the numbers of hours we spend in an office. But if you are forced to be there.

Be safe!
Kneale Mann | People + Priority = Profit

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