March 15, 2015


It’s right there every day. You may recognize it but do you heed it often enough? A former mentor, a friend’s cousin, and a colleague’s daughter are all in my heart today. It may not be a tragic event, but do we pay close enough attention to the lessons that touch our lives?

One definition of perspective is a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view. You and I could look at the same situation with a different interpretation. Your experience may be a factor. My attitude may alter my standpoint. But the important question is, do we do anything about it.

Clear the Lens

We know life can be fragile but perhaps we go through our day without thinking too deeply about its meaning. Of course, we can’t spend every moment over thinking it all and overwhelm ourselves.

But how do we strike that balance to ensure we aren’t flippant about the essential elements in our lives, work, and relationships?

Write it Down

One way is to take a few moments each week to make a physical list of things we’re thankful for and balance that against the stress and busy of our everyday lives. The daily duties, deadlines, and stress seem to take up more of our consciousness than the important elements that shape our experience.

We might spend too much time complaining and wishing things were better rather than embracing the aspects that really are going well.

Perhaps some perspective when we focus too much on the unimportant while forgetting the essential.
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