May 21, 2015

One Day

One day we’ll figure it out. One day I’ll follow my passion. One day you’ll push past the fear. One day we’ll collaborate better. One day I’ll finish my book.

One day you’ll go for that gig. One day we’ll create a more collaborative culture. One day you’ll lead the charge. One day I’ll stop doubting myself.

One day we’ll enjoy the ride. One day you’ll listen to your gut.

One day we’ll dump the excuses. One day I’ll stop worrying about what others think.
One day you’ll take the chance. One day we’ll make those changes.

One day you’ll stand up for yourself. One day we’ll appreciate what we have now. One day I’ll get laser focused. One day you’ll believe. One day may never come.

One day is today.
Kneale Mann | People + Priority = Profit
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