May 26, 2015


I met Mike when he was just finishing teachers' college with a bright outlook on a positive future. I spoke with him this week, days before his second wedding, and he is just as positive after teaching for almost three decades. Mike has a great family, strong friendship network, and outstanding outlook on life.

Mike isn't just a friend, he's one of my brothers.

I asked him how he has kept so calm and positive all these years and he said it's all about focus. He works hard to ensure his students are well prepared for their future, enjoys his home, hangs out with friends, plays a bit of hockey, has a few at his local pub, rides his motorcycle, and spends time with his loving partner Sue.

Less is Much More

Mike doesn't view his life as overly complicated yet he also noted that most of us make it far too messy and confusing. He knew what he wanted 30 years ago and kept his focus on a balance of fulfilling work and a good life. I've often used Mike as an example of someone who has it right. Perhaps we do make it too complicated chasing something we can't often define? There's ample evidence Mike has had it right all along.

So as I travel to his wedding this weekend, I will look forward to seeing my old friend who has been with me through every twist and turn of our lives; the friend you can call after not speaking for months and it feels like no time has passed. Mike's unspoken lesson for me, and perhaps for you, is that focus is not something that requires a lot of sweat and toil once you know what you want.

Let's stay focused and enjoy the ride.
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