September 6, 2016

Learning for Life

Summer vacation is over. It's time for a new semester, new topics, and new learning. I had some great teachers when I was a kid and helped shape my curiosity to this day.

I had Mr. Balcaras four times for science in high school. He taught us how to dissect a frog and explained how much energy was inside a peanut by setting it on fire. I can still see the periodic table on the wall by his desk. Ms. Young was my grade one teacher. A woman in her 60’s who was like a second grandmother. It was grade one, we weren't doing much, but she was cool.

Lasting impressions

I had Mr. Peters for grade six. I ran in to him years after high school and he still remembered me. I never did ask him if that was a good or a bad thing. The delightful (and hot) Ms. Rolo was my grade ten English teacher who had patience with a fidgety geek who was bored with English. I'm glad she persevered.

Replace the word teacher with coach or mentor and have a look at your career. Give some thought to those who have helped you. Now give some thought to those you’ve helped along the way.

While we lament the near end of summer, increased traffic, and a full fall work schedule, let’s salute teachers, leaders, and mentors today.

Are you ready to teach?
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