May 15, 2017

Be True to Yourself

I was having dinner this week with a close friend and we started talking about past missteps, relationships, jobs, and family stuff. It's so very easy to look back with the wisdom of now but we never get that then so why do we torture ourselves with something in our past we can't change and how we'd do it differently?

She shared a story of a former relationship she thought was based on trust and found it was built on lies. Been there? Yeah, me too. It's worse than coming home to realize someone has broken into your home. In these cases, someone has broken into your heart and trust. How can someone be so selfish and mean? Because some people are selfish and mean.

Watch for Oncoming Traffic

It sounds so blissfully simply to suggest we need to take care of our own needs first. Secure your mask before helping other passengers, they say. And yet we walk into these situations throughout our lives. Perhaps it's an innocent way to put it but if we know the element is hot, we may not want to touch the stove this time. It shouldn't make us mistrust everyone but we may want to heed the warnings this time.

You will run into people who will lie to you; I will as well. You will wonder if it's okay to be true to you; I will too. And the best way we can navigate these challenges it to look back for the lessons, try not to repeat them, and when they show up again, stop them quicker. If they lie to you, they will lie to others and it's not your fault.

Let's not forget ourselves in our own lives.
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