March 13, 2018

Beliefs and Actions of a Great Leader

He remains consistent. She makes people her top priority. He asks for help.
She manages up. He encourages differing points of view.

She ensures a collaborative culture.

He clearly articulates vision. She understands internal customer service is directly related to external customer service. He owns setbacks and shares victories.

She doesn't need to always be right. He knows it's not a straight road.
He knows culture will build revenue. She doesn't need to have the final say.

He eliminates favoritism. She sets realistic boundaries. He explains the tough decisions.
She remains fair. He doesn't manage, he leads. She holds herself accountable.

He holds the team accountable. She can apologize.
She leads by example. He possesses vision for now and the future.

She believes clear communication is critical.

He gives at least a quarter of his time to helping his people.
She challenges comfort zone especially her own.

He accepts full responsibility.
She remains humble but confident.

He gives great internal customer service.

She stays focused on goals not emotions. He shares the victories and the challenges.
He asks for the same efforts he gives them. She never stops learning.
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