September 21, 2021

Wanted: Real Leaders

I live in Canada and we had our second national election in two years this week. The government spent over $600M CDN on an election that resulted in absolutely no change in power or the configuration of our national political landscape. 

Like many parts of the world, we are experiencing the fourth covid wave yet my government felt it necessary to hold an election no one could afford to garner no new results. Why is that? It's simple - power. The ruling party - the Liberals under leader Justin Trudeau - wanted a majority government so they could run the country however they wanted with no opposition. 

Great leaders wanted 

They got another minority government which means the other parties can influence decisions. It also means, we are in the exact same place we were before this election. Additionally, word is that we may have another election in less than two years while the two biggest parties continue to lob mud at each other getting nothing accomplished during a pandemic. 

The topic of what makes a great leader has been debated since humans could say the word. When you think of the values a mentor has brought to you, it's often those intangible aspects which are more difficult to define. It's tough to be thrown into a new role when you may be good at the work but not as well versed at the people part. 

It's about the math

It’s easy to point to those who have handled leadership with grace but it's not a skill you learn in short order. And it can certainly be a balancing act when the company continually reminds you profit is the goal. That is even more complex when discussing political leadership of a democratic country when the Liberals won the election with less votes than the Conservatives where each got about 30% of the 65% of registered voters. Just imagine running a company with those metrics.

Words such as power and fear may be the reasons why strong balanced leadership is often as rare as great customer service. But despite the election this week that changed nothing, I am proud that I have the privilege to vote which is not something all humans have the ability to do. While politicians and pontificators throw jabs, I have an idea. 

 Let's be kind to each other.

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