April 25, 2008

I'm Very Busy

Perhaps I may have this all wrong, but have we created the busy revolution?

A while back it spawned me to create a word - busidom. It's a noun which means you are just too busy to get to that email, voicemail, txt, or pin. Busy busy busy. It's also a word used to describe an ailment that encompasses the avoidance of undesired activities such as; calls/emails from people you want to ignore, or chores around the house you don't want to do. Very busy.

It's now a badge of honor to work more, play less. And if you're playing, it's paramount to have a remnant of work nearby at all times. 'Oh yes, I will take my 3rd shot on the 11th with my sand wedge but first I must answer this email on my blackberry. I'm very important. This can't wait.'

Sure, the familiar "what did we do before we got this stuff" comment may be valid but it's extraneous at best. We have this stuff. We are thumbing messages to the other side of the planet at times to great physical risk to ourselves.

I remember one exchange with a colleague where he finally sent me a blackberry pin to tell me to turn mine off because he knew I was driving. No email is that important! By the way, check your PDA because it may just have a phone option. I'll guess it also comes equipped with an 'off' button.

Gotta go, I'm busy.


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