May 6, 2013

Customer Service in Two Steps

If you were to ask everyone you know if they enjoyed receiving great customer service, the suspicion is most (all) would say yes. If you asked them if they received great customer service 100% of the time, the suspicion is most (all) would say no.

If you asked them if they would enjoy working in a company which supports value-based collaborative culture, most (all) would say yes. Then ask how many have experienced or experience it in their career, and far too many would say no.

Add it up...

So if all of those facts were true, do the math, some of us are giving less than great customer service or failing to create strong company culture. So how do we fix that and work to toward what we say we want?

Here are two suggestions: 

Provide superior customer service to your customers, your partners, and your team through strong leadership, culture, and communication.

Then repeat daily.
Kneale Mann | Leadership and Culture Strategist, Writer, Speaker, Executive Coach engaging leaders to build successful talent and profitable business.

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