July 8, 2008

Chocolate, Berries and Voyeurism

Some interesting tidbits today…

Our web world is about to change. Dot com, Dot net, Dot org etc. are about to get some company. On June 26th, ICANN approved an expansion which will open up to all sorts of interesting opportunities but perhaps more confusion. Right now, there are 21 domain extensions available.

Soon, we may be able to customize our space to suit our interests and businesses. We could have domains such as; .love, .chocolate, .hockey etc.

.I .think .it .will .be .interesting .to .watch

Here’s the official announcement.

> > >

The creators of 411.ca have enhanced their service. No longer can you simply go online to find information on someone you want to call or mail; businesses now have another place to tell their story through added information on their listings and links to Facebook and Virtual Maps.

Why call 4-1-1 on your phone and get information when you can spend hours online looking at your house and other stuff? It is cool. I’m not saying I’ve done it, just sayin’.

> > >

And it must be summer or a slow news week because it was interesting that this story made headlines. We all love fresh fruit, there’s nothing like delicious fresh picked strawberries on a summer’s eve. It’s a rite of passage; it’s part of our fabric.

But who woulda thought that violence could follow such a benign companion.

According to a CBC News report, the u-pick strawberry industry is dangerous business. There are reports of people near fisticuffs over small red harmless berries. I think I may stick with the blueberries, thanks.

Be careful out there.


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