July 7, 2008


I was in meetings last week when someone uttered that age old phrase “we were given two ears and one mouthin reference to the sales’ process. Listen to your client, pay attention to their needs, be the last to speak. It is a tremendous art and I admire anyone who can do it consistently.

The problem with an active brain is that it spills out of your face. You have ideas, you’re brimming with thoughts and solutions. Or maybe that’s just me?

One of my mentors used to remind me to be a mouse with elephant ears.

I get it, shut up and listen. What was that? Sorry I was trying to find a solution for that last thing you said.

It's important to allow for awkward silence. Conversations often have two sides: talking and waiting to talk. But if you are both quiet for a moment, interesting stuff happens.

My mind is always working, so it’s not easy to do but it's powerful when you can do it. So I’ll shut up now. Your turn. Go ahead. I'm listening. Really. Honest.


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