July 2, 2008

The Future

We are all trying to find out what’s next. What new gadget, website, social media space will be the next big thing. In order to stop the lunacy, it is probably best we agree that none of us will ever know. There will always be some new thing. Some will stick, most will not.

I find it funny that we think we can find consenous in a world of individuals with varying backgrounds, knowledge bases, goals, and dreams.

At one time, many decades ago they promised that by the year 2000 we would all be driving flying cars and own our own jet pack.

With escalating gas prices, we are all scrambling to find ways to keep our costs down. Until we go back to the horse and buggy, that won’t happen. We love our cars; we are dependant on oil and fuel for our vehicles and other creature comforts.

Hybrids are the answer to some, but in 4-5 years when we have a mountain of dead batteries to dispose of, we’ll have a new problem on our hands.

As I embark on a road trip this morning I only have one question – where is my jet pack?


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