July 6, 2008

Do It Right

My mom is my biggest fan. On the day I had clearly lost my faculties and announced I wanted to be a goalie in hockey, she rejoiced. There was never any fear of a call from a scout, but according to her I was headin' to the NHL.

Years later, I told my parents I was getting in to radio. Mom said "As long as you're happy." And Dad said "If you're gonna do it, do it right."

There are always things you could do better. No company can carry it off perfectly. Two words: iPod battery.

iMedia Connection published a story recently by Marian Salzman about brands vs. products, it’s worth a read when you get a moment.

I am in media and if you are in the industry, you know how tough it is to stay on top. This isn’t a gadget conversation; it’s a user/customer/listener/viewer conversation.

We live in a word of sound bites, early adopters, shiny new things and 8 billion websites. It’s tough to stay relevant, and it’s equally tough to do everything as well as we’d like to do it.

Too often media people utter phrases like "It's not our best, but we gotta do it." …or “that will do”. What you don't do, they won't know you didn't do well. We have all been guilty of trying to do too much and it becomes clear that none of us – no individual, no company, no group – can do it all.

Like my dad once said “If you're gonna do it, do it right.” Which reminds me, the lawn needs cutting, gotta go.


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