July 10, 2008

It Ain’t About The Coffee

I first met Jeff Parks at Geek Dinner Ottawa back in April. I found him engaging and passionate about what he did …whatever that was.

Months passed and we connected again through Facebook and Twitter. I suggested we grab a coffee and have a chat. It was supposed to be a “what do you do” conversation.

We talked for almost two hours about dreams and ideas and social media and life. I enjoyed listening to Jeff’s idea about a conference he wants to create in Ottawa which will bring all walks of life together. Keep an eye on his blogs and podcasts for more details.

It was two guys sharing ideas and it was not about “networking for your next client”. It’s funny to note that Jeff is known as a top podcaster but started it because it was cool. Many naysayers – like those who talked to me about my blog – said it would never make him any money. He then proceeded to share some amazing relationships he has made through social media.

It isn’t about the websites or coffee, it’s about the connections.

CC Chapman wrote about this a few weeks ago. Go ahead, make your connections but if you can - try and meet face to face. It's still the most powerful way to get to know someone.

I look forward to contributing to Jeff’s conference and sharing many more ideas in the future. This is all about people and connections with ideas and the sharing is free. Everyone has bills, everyone wants to make a mark and make a living but it begins with the contact.

Give it a shot – find someone on your Facebook friend list or a Twitter follower and ask to meet for coffee.

One thing that I just remembered – we didn’t talk about what we actually did, we just shared ideas. That is social networking.

Good to meet you, Jeff!


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