July 12, 2008

iPhone uPhone We All Phone For aPhone

Let me be the 7,871,934th person to talk, whine, write, blog or give free publicity to the iPhone.

First of all, kudos to Jobs & Co. for creating a pop culture buzz so loud that the sale of the 3G was the lead NEWS story on many networks around the world. Bravo. You cannot buy that kind of publicity. Or can you? Hmmm.

I love toys. They don’t make you a better person. They don’t make you better than anyone else. They don’t make you smarter, taller, thinner or younger.

Some toys are tools, some are toys, and some are both.

I’ve been going to concerts for many years and have yet to line up early for one. That’s not arrogance; I’ve just never done it. I’ve never lined up for a sale on shoes; I can’t see myself doing so for a phone. Especially when the same phone will in fact be on sale at that store a few days later. If they are sold-out, then they misread demand. But I don’t need to be first so badly that a tent and sleeping bag are required.

I currently do not have a personal digital assistant. I know I’m out of uniform! The wolves failed to show me how to use such an extravagant device. Actually, I had a Blackberry for a few years and despite the fact that most people commented about seeing the top of my head more than my face, and that I felt the need to answer emails while driving, and the familiar buzz would often make me check for important messages at 3am; it’s a useful device.

My colleagues have been inquiring about me jumping back on the PDA parade and I’ve resisted – so far. The Pearl and Curve are cool, the Bold is worth waiting for, but everyone has different needs for these devices.

Every product (toy/tool) has its cool stuff and its drawbacks. My BB was excellent at keeping appointments and managing email – the phone part sucked.

But I may need to drop by the store today – just to see what all the fuss is about. It’s only research, of course ;-)


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