July 14, 2008

New Words

George Dubya has been fodder for many a comedian and pontificator when it comes to his public faux pas and made up words.

It got me thinking how our world has had some new additions through the interactive and social media space.

It’s a company’s dream that their product will turn into a brand – something no company can build; brands are built by customers and experiences with your products. Where it gets interesting is when you develop a product that becomes a brand and your brand becomes part of the vernacular.

You don’t hand someone a facial tissue – it’s a Kleenex. You don't go to a search engine, you Google It.

Since radio ratings are published in Canada today, I thought of another word that may - one day - make it in to our every day language.

Spinforus: This common activity works in all walks of business, first mastered in politics. It is the art of showing seemingly scientific data that your product or service is #1 even if it's clear it is not. This activity can include showing others how you increased profits and/or market share in the face of overwhelming contradiction.

I wish my radio colleagues and clients well today as we all get to work on our spinforus.



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