September 24, 2008

Economize Your Creativity

Does money affect your creativity?

It's interesting to watch how decisions can be more cautious when the market is soft verses how ideas are more openly accepted when it’s good.

Throughout my media career I have seen it constantly. We remind clients that any marketing plan is a long-term process and cannot be ruled by slight blips here and there. However, when the media player feels a blip, often the first budget item to go - is the marketing budget.

How does the economy affect your creative decisions? It can distract you from doing the same things that got you were you are today. Bravery and money seem to make strange bedfellows. But we all enjoy hearing of someone who fought adversity toward success. Rags to riches stories are countless and inspiring.

Weather can be a factor toward our creativity as well, probably more than we'd like to admit. This also has financial implications. If there's dough in the bank and the sun is shining; you feel almost invincible. Clouds roll in while money is tight and you may not feel all too adventurous.

It's been said that money does not solve money problems, ideas do. Worrying doesn’t solve them either.

The sun is beaming into my office as I write this; so let's be creative, dream big, crush the box, and have some fun!


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