September 8, 2008

Feliz Lunes

As the cliché goes, it’s one-seventh of your life. But we spend so much energy worrying, fretting and obsessing about this harmless day. What is so daunting about Monday? What the hell did it ever do to you?

The reason the Sunday barbecue was ruined was because you didn’t get the work done on Thursday and told yourself you’d take it home over the weekend and be ready for Monday’s meeting. Taking work home and actually doing are two different things. Monday is not the enemy here.

Mondays are never as bad as they are feared on Sunday. There are no serpents and poison. It’s just a harmless 24 hour period that tries to do its job.

Often the difference between someone of privilege and someone who struggles happens at birth. Friday was born with a silver spoon and Monday works hard to be a good day, an honest day and deserves a little love.

You think Monday has it bad? How’s about Wednesday? No press, no songs, no complaints, it just sits there being a good little mid-week day.

Happy Monday.


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