November 10, 2008

Everything Is Awesome

There, problem solved. After reading yet another gloomy story about the worldwide economy, I thought it was time for a little positive thought.

In any situation, you have two options – look at the half-full or half-empty scenario. It’s not always easy, few among us can always be positive.

Most are afraid these days because of the money crunch or recession or correction. It matters not whether it’s real or imagined, personal or global; it is affecting virtually every aspect of business these days.

I saw a piece on 60 Minutes last night featuring Ted Turner who is the single biggest land owner in the United States. During the heady days of the Turner-AOL-Time-Warner merger, he became the company’s largest shareholder. Years later he had lost $7 Billion. That’s one man’s personal wealth, decimated by one business deal and the bust.

Does that make you or me poorer? Does it make you want to be more cautious in any business transaction? If Turner had made $7 Billion and the economy was soaring, would we be more creative and adventurous?

The time for integrated business models is now more than ever. We must find solutions together; client and supplier, customer and provider, you and me.

Start the conversation with thoughts of how you can help them, rather than how they can help you and see what magic may happen. Integration is not simply melding two business ideas or concepts together, it begins with open discussion from day one.


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