December 5, 2008

Did You Know? Should You Know? Will You Know?

What's old may not necessarily be new again

I was speaking with a music industry exec today about ideas and how quickly they move through his office. This is a forward-thinking guy, always has been. He is still full of passion and ideas. He told me of a recent project he brought forward along with twenty possible executions. He holds hope that - if he's lucky - one or two will be accepted, adapted and implemented. The reason: because the way they've done it in the past is the way they're going to do it in the future.

This is not a shot against the music industry – the bruises have already reached bone – but it’s a reflection of the fact that the world is constantly changing.

What worked literally yesterday, may no longer be relevant.

Careers and Journeys

There was a day not too long ago, where the badge of honor was to stay in the same job or company for your entire career. My grandfather retired at age 55 with the gold watch after working for the same company since he left high school. Yes, he actually got a gold watch.

Today, it is common to work at several projects or companies at the same time, and travel through 8-10 or more careers - not jobs - in your lifetime. And that number will only increase.

Never Stop Searching

There are currently more scientists alive today than in any other time in history, combined. Medical research is creating longer lives. Technological advancements are giving us more opportunies to explore and create.

There are close to 7 Billion of us all crammed on less than one third of the area of Earth all trying to coexist and co-create. Unless there are challenges far too difficult to overcome, humans can do anything. The fact that anyone can write or read this blog is a freedom we can’t take for granted.

Exploration Never Ends

We are overwhelmed with information and the only guarantee I can ever make is that it won’t stop. It won’t even slow down. We are ravenous for information and content, and we are producing it constantly.

We Are Different But The Same

I often speak of integration with regards to media and entertainment. This is because I am fascinated by teamwork and how to meld two factions into one successful project. The world is one big integrated model – and as you know, it doesn’t usually meld that easily.

Did You Know?

Someone sent me a piece produced by SonyBMG which was first shown in Rome. You may have seen it, or I may have sent it to you. It’s called "Did You Know 3.0"

Give this five minutes of your life - it is worth it. If it scares you, it may be time for a splash of reality. If it excites you, brilliant!


SonyBMG: Rome'08 Did You Know 3.0
Music: Fatboy Slim - Right Here Right Now
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