December 23, 2008

What Will You Do? Complain or Share?

VP-elect Joe Biden was on Larry King Live last night and despite the fact that he gets a shiny new gig and cool mansion on January 20th, no one seems envious about what is ahead for him and his boss.

Biden he has hope for the future. He isn’t living in lollypop land, there is a steep hill for the world to climb – this is not about the U.S. economy – this is about all of us.

But I keep thinking about how we are writing and talking and blogging and podcasting and whining about this all the time. It is overwhelming.

Here are some facts we know to this point.

We know: There are dishonest people in the world. There are crooks in this world. Some people do enjoy scamming you. The planet has no shortage of horrific things. And not everyone tells the truth.

We know: There are millions of creative generous minds willing to share their knowledge every day. True friends are a phone call away when we need them. Abundance is not measured by monetary wealth. And we all have a choice to either complain or share.

If you feel down or beleaguered, here are some places to visit:

Mitch Joel. Joseph Jaffe. Ted. James Arthur Ray. Seth Godin. Chris Brogan. Gregg Braden. CC Chapman. Jack Canfield. Guy Kawasaki. Marcus Buckingham.

Let’s pick share. I think share is a good choice.

Yup, share wins by a landslide!


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