December 24, 2008


“It’s often said that life is strange, but compared to what?”
Steve Forbert

That line always struck me as a great equalizer. Perhaps even more poignant right now?

I was always a big fan of Steve. He is a storyteller and I have a lot of time for storytellers. But not those who simply tell stories, but those who share experiences and offer a fresh point of view. And in a sense, perhaps that's our collective responsibility?

I received some interesting emails from my previous post about sharing verses complaining. Some feel social media is the ME medium and not the THEM media.

I disagree, it's about US. But everyone's entitled to their opinion - which is the point.

It’s customary around this time of year to thank our friends who have helped us. I’d like to think we thank them all year. And none of us can possibly thank everyone who help us. It may take a village to raise a child, but it takes everyone we meet to enhance our lives.

Thanks for reading my blatherings. I hope you get something out of them. Thanks for all the cool comments and feedback – please continue! And don’t be shy; please share your blog links and stories too. And thanks to “The Geeks”!

It’s been an interesting year, but aren’t they all? All the best to you and those you love. And most of all, here’s to a positive 2009!

The need for integration, friendship, communication and cooperation is requisite.

Happy Holidays and thanks!


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