February 1, 2009

Size Doesn’t Matter

The chatter over Super Bowl commercials today is deafening. It has become a marketing campaign on to itself. There were good spots, bad spots, okay spots and horrible spots. It was like every other day on television.

Feel free to watch again if you want - click here.

Cost is Irrelevant

The size of your budget has nothing to do with the strength of your message. In fact, one could argue that some rely on big budgets to rest bad ideas in hopes they will become good.


Even if you had no experience in advertising, production, writing, creative, or marketing, you can still waste $2+ Million on a Super Bowl ad placement. That’s the easy part.

Eye on the Prize

The difficult part is to create recall, action and move consumers to actually purchase what you’re shilling once the confetti has landed.

Whether you have a dollar or several million, if the idea sucks – the idea sucks. Conversely, well crafted sharp campaigns that deliver results don't necessarily break the bank.

It's Not How You Play The Game

Super Bowl XLIII was a pretty good game. It appeared that Arizona woke up just at the right time and had a chance to steal it until Ben’s big rush to seal the victory with seconds to go.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are Champions. Time will quickly tell how many advertisers can make the same claim.


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