March 16, 2009

Daylight and Money

Something interesting happens as the temperature begins to warm. In North America, the clocks have sprung forward to save daylight and in many areas the snow is melting and spring is coming soon. There seems to be a fresh optimism in the air despite the rough winter we had and the long recovery we may experience. For the most part we are essentially optimistic creatures.

David Thackston wrote: “A positive effect that Daylight Saving Time has on the economy is that it gives people the opportunity to spend more time outside of their homes in the evenings, attending sports events, shopping, and in most all cases, spending money.”

What will happen this year as we all watch our spending?

More daylight does give us time to enjoy the outdoors more, get together with friends more and perhaps use our computers less while sharing time with each other. Perhaps this will give us needed time to discuss options and ideas. It may be a lost concept, but why don't we put down the tools and talk to each other out of the confines of our walls and social media spaces.

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It may be radical to suggest we tweet less and share more. So, put the laptop away and enjoy some fresh air with colleagues and friends.

We need to work harder, but more importantly we need to work smarter. Perhaps we need to spend less time on trivial things and more time on solutions.

How does this affect the types of entertainment we produce, the kinds of advertising messages we send and the ways in which we communicate socially?


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