April 28, 2009

Twitter: Good News Only Day

The news cycle is peppered with Twitter right now. When my mother asks about it, I know it’s ‘everywhere’. So now what? Hopefully you are getting what you need from it and hopefully gaining new contacts, new ideas and new relationships.

If you are not on it, perhaps you are confused about what it is or whether it's another useless time waster.

This is not about Ashton or Oprah, Ellen tweets are cool and Anderson does a good job promoting his show, but what are YOU getting out of it? What are YOU sharing? How is it helping YOU grow?

The stream is often cluttered with sales’ pitches and once-in-a-lifetime offers. But what about just one day, where all we do is share good news on Twitter?

What if - for just one day - we put away our theories and our business chat and just share something good. I’m not suggesting we put blinders on and forget reality, but just for 24 hours we share good news.

Perhaps you know of someone who selflessly helps others with no anticipated personal gain or you read a cool story that makes you feel good. It doesn’t matter the scope or the size, just good news that others may enjoy.

Good News Only Day on Twitter.

Is it possible? Can we do it? #gnod


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