April 29, 2009

Mom For A Day

I had the pleasure of reconnecting with a colleague I hadn’t seen in years and it was a great reunion. She is now a mother of two, happily married to an awesome guy and kicking butt with her company. We had a great catch up chat then I got to meet some of her friends – friends she met because of her company.

Same Same But Not What You Think

The one thing in common with this group was they are all moms. They shared kid stories for a while but what resonated with me was how bright and full of life this table was, it was awesome. I left being more inspired and enlightened for the experience.

Happy Accidents

This ‘chance meeting’ happened because I reached out to say hi to someone I hadn’t seen in years. This accelerated serendipitous event occurred because of a community my long lost colleague had built and continues to build online.

Once back in the office, I felt compelled to thank each person for allowing me to stick around and be the only non-mom at the table. People I would never had met by any other possible accident. Oh and they asked about my Twitter address, so we could all keep in touch.

People Are People

This group may have met because of the common bond of motherhood but the point of it was bright business owners enjoying great coffee sharing stories, experiences and ideas.

Thanks to Erica Ehm, Brenda Hollingsworth, Candace Derickx and Kelli Catana for letting me 'guest mom' for the day.

Who have you not spoken with in a while?

What magic could happen if you got in touch with them?


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