May 8, 2009

Are You 'Trying' To Steal Third?

When stealing third, lead off in the same way you would when not stealing. Once the pitcher sets, it's 'one thousand' and you're off. That half second gives you a couple of steps toward third and a great chance of making it.

Sports has always been an excellent backdrop for business analogies but in the case of this baseball example, are you hovering at second base wondering if the pitcher will make a mistake so you can steal third?

Are you staring at an opportunity or decision and waiting for that perfect moment – that sweet spot – to pounce? Does that moment ever really arrive? Do we often wait for the invitation forgoing the opportunities?

Sit On The Lead

Last night the Vancouver Canucks tried to nurse a third period 1-0 lead. The Chicago Blackhawks chipped away, scored late and won it in overtime. The Canucks, for the second time in the series, were victims of their own defensive plan.

Quick Decisions

I had lunch recently with a colleague and we were discussing how successful people often make swift decisions, find the deficiencies, make changes and re-launch in the time it takes most of us to deliberate in the first place. How often have you gone against your gut and been wrong?

Go Big Or Go Home

If the base runner hesitates for even a nanosecond, it’s over. If the Canucks had kept on the attack, they may have ran the score up a few more goals to avoid the late minute heroics of their opponent.

How many decisions are you hesitating on?


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