June 8, 2009

Can You See The Trees For The Forest?

It seems to be everywhere: bad news and poor economy. The big question is – what will you do about it?

Facts and Garbage
There is a great analogy about dealing with bad stuff. Imagine a friend walks into your house and dumps a big bag of garbage in the middle of your living room.

That bag of garbage is bad news and negative thoughts. What do you do? Thank them? Hang on to the garbage? Or get them to clean it up? We have a choice to own the garbage or discard it.

Anytime After Now

Humans are the only beings on earth that can conceive of the past and the future. Every other being can only live in the now. Something we humans should do more often!

If you run a business, what can you do about yesterday? What can you do about tomorrow? What you can control is what you do right now.

You Probably Know The Answer

If you have inefficiencies, staff in the wrong positions, product lines that need improvement, communication issues that need to be dealt with – deal with it right now. Tomorrow will never get here. You have today.

There is a theory that the best psychologists or coaches simply show us the path to the answer we already know. You know what you need to do. You know how you can improve your business. And it may be as simple as opening up your mind to your co-workers and staff for the answer.

Sometimes we forget that the thick lush forest is made up of many trees.


photo credits: www.nanps.org | www.boston.com

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