June 23, 2009

Have You Met A Social Media Expert?

If you spend even a few minutes on a social media channel you may have picked up on a new phenomenon.

The symptoms are common to most sufferers; they are usually very easy to diagnose but not so easy to treat - or is that tweet?

Look To The Ones In The White Coats

Scientists from the four corners of the round globe have been studying this problem for some time. In some labs this is taking up more time than devising the proper H1N1 vaccine. The symptoms are generally mild at first but if left untreated this can become a serious problem.

It Seemed Innocent Enough

It begins with the belief that one has mastered all aspects of the human condition, relationships and literally has all the answers. What often follows is the production of an e-book or webinar and possibly a website that lists – for a nominal fee of $29.99 plus shipping and handling – the secrets to a fulfilling life.

It's important to note that not all e-books and webinars are bad so it will take your careful examination of all the evidence to make your final summation.

To the untrained it may seem to be a gold rush – a nirvana, if you will – of knowledge and answers to the secrets of our existence on earth.

Use Extreme Caution

If you feel you may be in conversation – or worse yet – in direct contact with a patient of this horrible affliction, walk away carefully and nod politely.

Another quick trick it to ask them something outside of their comfort zone - perhaps something that may require more than simply a laundry list of geek terms tossed in with the occasional share and stumble.

How 2005 Of You

They have flown long past MySpace, Facebook is child’s play and Twitter is next. The end is near. Realizing that only 5 to 7% of the world's population has even tried a social networking website is irrelevant.

Search For Signs Of Life

If they drop the social media speak and have an actual conversation with real words like a human, there is hope.

If they offer you assistance with navigating all of the tools at your disposal to enhance your business and personal relationships, then they are safe to correspond with and you can now create solutions together.

I wish you well. Be safe.

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photo credit: Hugh McLeod | gapingvoid.com

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