June 24, 2009

The Right Brain Economy

I was listening to my local sports radio station yesterday and the announcer was talking about a multi-million dollar a year salaried athlete being fiscally responsible by parking his private jet during these tough times. I shed a tear.

The report was followed by a string of commercials from companies all claiming to have the way out of the crunch through the purchase of their products.

An Experiment

Do you think it’s possible – just for 24 hours – to turn the other way every time you hear a reference to the world economy? I am not suggesting head-in-sand tactics, just an experiment. The la-la-la-I-can’t-hear-you approach is not a sustainable long-term plan but just for one day. How much is all this chatter and noise helping?

What Do We Have To Lose?

We are driving each other to the collective straight jacket. Just one day of good news, ideas and sharing successes. Social network with a friend over a beer and focus on solutions. Pity party can call in sick.

Right Brains Rejoice

The shift is coming. Creative minds, ideas and experiences will be a significant part of the new worldwide economy. These will become equally as important as commodities and consumerism.

What’s Next?

If you’re looking for ways to build for the future, look to small businesses and small business owners collaborating and networking their services. The offerings will be vast while creativity and experience-based industries will flourish.

It's time for us to shift our focus from whether the glass is half full or empty and get on with designing a new glass.

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