July 28, 2009

How Can I Help You?

A man walks into a clothing store to purchase a pair of pants. The moment he crosses the threshold, he hears that annoying phrase “How can I help you today?” He immediately says “Just looking, thanks.”

He does need help with tailoring and advice on a shirt to go with his new slacks, but the salesperson invaded his space too quickly and took over the exchange.

Are we doing that to each other all day long?

With the explosion of the social web, we are taught early on to stop selling and start sharing – I love that. Be curious and helpful, have conversations and don’t pitch each other. That is awesome.

Are We Saying 'No Thanks' Too Quickly?

The purpose of connecting is not solely to share website links and dinner recipes – there is commerce going on, new business relationships being formed and more intimate connections to customers are being realized.

If someone asks you how they can help…

• Do you wait and have a conversation?
• Do you get leery of their possible motives?
• Is it possible they really just want to help?
• Are you worried they may steal something?
• Do you think they have a hidden agenda?

So I ask again, how can I help you?

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Let’s create experiences, not campaigns.

image credits: perthcomputerplus.com | forbes.com

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