September 3, 2009

Communications: Bark Speak Meow

Speak to the dog, about what matters to the dog in the language of the dog
Jeff Eisenberg

True open honest collaboration is something that many enjoy. It can be a rare experience but magical when it works. This is where the entire team is working as a team.

There are no hidden agendas and everyone at the table is able to put aside the temptation of promoting their cause or business for the purpose of the team.

Woof Woof

Eisenberg reminds us that we need to read the room and talk to what matters to the room. It’s not enough to show people our skill set without applying it to their situation.

What Do You Think Of Me?

If we can put our agenda aside in place of those we are helping, we will be much further ahead. Our experience is drawn upon daily but understand it is in context with someone else’s need. And we do the same.

What barks you?

Let's create experiences, not campaigns

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