December 16, 2009

Life and Business | What Matters Now?

Turn off all your electronics and surrender over all your aspirations and do absolutely nothing for a spell.
Elizabeth Gilbert | Ease

Seth Godin is one of the most creative minds we have in this world.

He is not curing disease or changing the trajectory of war, he makes us think and create.

Seth relates to the world of business, marketing and life in an inclusive and engaging way.

Be compassionate to everyone no matter the level of connection.
Mitch Joel | Compassion

Seth has brought together sixty people who have shared a piece of them for us to take with us and think, grow and learn.

And because life is always full of doubt and fears,
to act is to take that leap. So leap.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie | Leap

This is not just another book of inspiration. This is not simply a group of brilliant thinkers and doers who have shared one page of wisdom each to make up a collection of ideas for our lives.

This is certainly not some expensive buy-in download email laden purchase this program to help line the pockets of its creators.

It was created for us to download, read, share and repeat.

Everyone has their own Mount Everest
they were put on this earth to climb.

Hugh MacLeod | Meaning

This book is FREE. It’s FANTASTIC!

This is something you need to read TODAY and OFTEN.

Never forget, a small group of people can change the world.
Micah Sifry | Nobody

Topics include: evangelism, context, technology, knowledge, change, generosity, sleep, fascination, empathy, power, change, adventure and forty-eight more.

Notice what excites you and scares you
on a small moment-to-moment basis.

Derek Sivers | Passion

Sixty wonderful people have donated their time to create this 82-page free downloadable and sharable e-book. Times are tight, the Holidays are coming up, what a perfect gift to send to everyone.

The One Percenters are often hidden in the crevices of niches,
yet they are the roots of word of mouth.

Jackie Huba | 1%

What Matters Now | Free Download Here

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image credit: seth godin

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