January 22, 2010

Ottawa Business Summit | Clear As Mud

Coming up on February 3rd, I have the privilege of speaking at the Ottawa Business Summit.

Clearing Muddy Waters in Marketing and Social Media.

Hosted by Kathryn Schwab of PRceptive Communications

It also includes: Arash Mahin of VdoLife, Karen McNaughton from The Marketing Hub and Ottawa Business Journal’s Jim Donnelly.

Here’s an excerpt from Kathryn's website:

"This panel will speak about practical approaches to marketing and communications in the age of changing traditional media, the shifting landscape of new media and the muddy waters of social media.

The panel will discuss how business owners and managers should map marketing communications strategies to business objectives, choose the right “tools” to hit the right audience/customer, and look beyond the “band wagon” mistakes that many businesses are making.

In addition, the panel will bring valuable insights about traditional media relations and how it’s changed, why video is one of the fastest growing areas in marketing and what integrated marketing and social media really mean for SMBs."

Other speakers featured on this one-day power summit include:
Jim Treliving – the founder of Boston Pizza and someone you may know from Dragon’s Den, Stephen Beckta, Marie Boivin, Mary Cavanagh, Leslie Eisner, Pauline Fleming, Terry Ledden, Cara Rose-Brown, Garth Steele, Garry Watanabe, Rob Woodbridge and more to come.

The Ottawa Business Summit is February 3rd.

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