February 1, 2010

Strategy | Clearing The Clutter

There Is Too Much Content.
And There's More On The Way.

There are nearly 1.7 billion of us online sending about 200 billion emails a day and uploading close to 8 billion pieces of content every week on Facebook.

Apparently there’s more than 12 billion websites and somewhere around half a billion people have at least one social media profile.

Those are the estimates.

Pour The Concrete.

If you run a business, before you rush out and start a LinkedIn group, set up a Twitter feed, add a bunch of friends on Facebook, create a YouTube channel, design microsites, add an rss feed and wait for the self-ringing phone to do its magic, let’s cut through the clutter and get back to basics.

That activity can help but the first subject I discuss with clients is their strategy. It’s not enough that you want to do better than last year. We all do. Your product may be superior but it won't beat your competition simply because it's what you want. There's more to it than simply 'having a page'.

Need a hand? Let's chat.

I'm always happy to meet business owners and managers who may need some help. You know your business well, but it's that strategy and marketing stuff that can get overwhelming.

I often hear the phrase: "We're not ready to do any marketing". Marketing is much more than picking a few social websites and doing a bit of advertising. Marketing and strategy are in everything you do.

It's amazing to watch the transformation when a company simply has a look at running things more efficiently and having a co-creative work space. That doesn't sound flashy but more should realize it helps the bottom line.

You Want ROI? Yeah, Me Too!

Everyone wants positive return on their investment. Everyone wants instantaneous positive results. And everyone seems to want infinite growth. Perhaps that's the reason the lottery industry is alive and well?

If you know anything about construction you know that the house is not just resting on the cement foundation, it is physically bolted to it. So replace the word strategy with the word foundation.

Instant Success? Squirrel! What?

It may be easy to be wooed by social channels with someone who says their social media expertise will get you there. You could waste time moving in the wrong direction on any tactic if you don't have a road map.

What says you?

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