March 4, 2010

We Are Them

We are fascinating creatures.

We are shy and scared, arrogant and boastful, fascinating and smart, creative and inquisitive.

They are you. They are me. We are them. They are the source of our frustration and joy, happiness and fear, collaboration and teamwork.

Far too often we forget they are us. They have bad days. We have doubtful moments.

You and I try our best to keep up a strong face even on those days when it’s tough to do so.

Walk in to a bookstore and just look around for a moment. Those aren't books, those are ideas and dreams and toil and sweat and emotion and stories from people.

The other night I was having a conversation with someone on Twitter who said he didn't have a a website, he wasn’t an expert and he was just an ordinary guy. He thought because he wasn't a marketing consultant or didn't have a blog he wasn't qualified to be in the conversation. Wrong!

Anyone can participate and everyone should. The conversation is happening with or without you so hop in anytime. You are not more special than me and she is not more important that you.

We don't need fancy profiles and shiny pamphlets to participate. We just need to participate.

We are all extraordinary guys.

Something to think about if you are running a business. They are not bots, they are people. Just like you.

What's your story?

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