July 12, 2010

37 Social Networking Ideas

Recently, I began to sift through previous posts. We don't have enough time to consume new content, who has time to revisit older material?

With close to 500 OMO posts, I've been sifting through the archives.

Our fascination with social media continues to grow. The reason is because it's a part of our lives and not about any particular website.

This is a list that was published eighteen months ago.

Does it still ring true?

37 Things About Social Media

• This is not advertising.
• Trust is earned over time.
• There are no short cuts.
• Do something.
• Spam is not content.
• Let us get to know you.
• Never fixate on the numbers.
• Have patience.
• Ask a lot of questions.
• Share. Often.
• Don’t get caught up in stats and surveys.
• Be helpful.
• Integrate social media efforts with business efforts.
• We need you to lead.
• Write well.
• Have fun. Always.
• Navigate the digital space like your life space.
• Contribute to the conversation.
• Be yourself.
• The answers won’t land on your lap.
• Never take yourself too seriously.
• Tighten your helmet and get in there.
• It’s up to you to decide what you need from this space.
• Engage don’t just broadcast.
• Tell us what you learned so we can learn from you.
• Twitter alone will not save your business.
• Respect your community.
• Read others’ profiles don’t just expect others to read yours.
• Open your mind and imagine.
• Learn the tools. Then understand it’s not about the tools.
• Educate yourself. Constantly.
• Treat us with respect. We'll do the same.
• Learn from others. Then carve up your own thing.
• There is not only one way to do this.
• If you want others to join you, ask yourself why.
• You get out what you put in.
• We are in this together.

What's on your list?

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