July 26, 2010

Social Media Tools | Now What?

What Does This Button Do?

The discussion has been going on for a while. Are social tools a way for us to enhance our offering, build relationships and perhaps increase our revenue line?

Others claim these portals are simply ways to have two-way conversations. Some think selling is frowned upon. You decide.

Like every other medium, there are those who see the social web as a way to sell more stuff and some are successfully navigating that process.

So if it’s not about the tools, why isn’t every company and individual wildly successful online?

Perhaps time and respect are important factors. Possibly the brush in the hands of a talented painter will create a masterpiece while in my hands you’ll get something that resembles paint-by-numbers. Any of us can buy a Sydney Crosby stick but none of us is scoring the Olympic gold winning goal.

I need a keyboard to put these thoughts in a form, then publish them on the Internet, then tell you they are available for you to read. Are my thoughts about the keyboard? Without the keyboard do my ideas reach you?

Before we dismiss social networking websites and tools, let’s have a closer look at the entire equation.

If I told you I sold surgical supplies, would you call me a doctor?

Someone has to recognize a need, devise a solution, create a plan, design the instrument, get funding to mass produce it, manufacture it, market it, put it in a box and ship it the hospital.

I'm skipping a few steps, but you get the point.

Without the process, the doctor is unable to perform the procedure. Without the tyndaller, the head injury may be fatal. Don’t have a retractor and the patient’s chest wound could create serious problems.

Social media are tools like knives are to the chef. But can the chef create the meal without mastering the use of her knives?

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