August 21, 2010

The Real Power of Community

They're People Too.

I've been over thinking a few projects lately and decided to strip it all down to the core.

Years of building relationships and I had forgotten help was right there.

Once in a while, you need to ask your community for a hand on something or feedback on an idea.

Every now and then you need to reach out and ask for some time for a call or discussion to flush out the stuff that seems to keep coming up within the confines of your own brain.

Don’t discard that idea or thought. Stop listening to the naysayers and dream killers. Look around and find those who you can reach out to for some perspective.

This is not about others doing the work for you or patting you on the head. All too often we just need to get it out and that is not going to happen with someone you just met or through a few tweets.

Numbers are irrelevant if you can't call on your community for help when you need it. The same holds true if someone asks us for a hand.

Thanks to everyone who was gracious to give me some of their time this week. That was fun.

create experiences not campaigns

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